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TransAction icon JC: Joe Connor

My interest in computers dates back to the early eighties when I was heavily into programming Vic 20s, Commodore Pets, Tangerines etc. but in the mid eighties I got bored with computers - which seemed to please my wife for some reason...

Unfortunately (for her) I spotted an Atari ST in Germany in 1987 and my enthusiasm was rekindled - I became a born again computer evangelist, the worst kind!

By happy co-incidence some of the best Atari software was being produced in Germany and my schoolboy German came in useful hacking programs into English.

Once I got online people started asked for copies. Rather than release hacked software I got in contact with the authors and arranged permission to release them and that's how InterActive got started.

On several occasions I'd started translating something only to discover another translator was already working on the same project so we formed TransAction to maximise our resources and avoid duplicated effort and this is more important than ever before. By profession I'm a product designer, a member of the Chartered Society of Designers (MCSD) but these days I'm a house husband.

Since 1989 I've contributed hundreds of articles to ST World, Atari ST Review, Atari World, ST Applications, AtariPhile and during the summer of 1996, as part of the Atari Computing Group (ACG), a group of us launched Atari Computing and I'm currently the editor.

Likes: Technology, sci-fi, armchair football/grand prix, good beer (German Weissen, Czech pils, English bitter...)

Dislikes: Broken promises, decisions by commitee, empty beer bottles, power cuts and holidays in the sun...