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Featured links

SAMS '99
AMS '99 is organised by Sharward Promotions and sponsored by Atari Computing and Computer Shopper and will be held at Bingley Hall in Stafford, UK, on Sunday November 14th 1999
- Check out the News page for details...

Atari Computing Online - Printed Atari magazine
Atari Computing is an A4 B/W printed magazine published bi-monthly. I just happen to be the editor so naturally I think it's the best read around. Why not visit our web pages and decide for yourself?

Mark Wherry - GEMTrade translation software
GEMTrade is a shareware application, programmed by Mark Wherry, which is designed as the successor to RufTrade. GEMTrade features a slick GEM front end includes many features translators will find irresistable.

AtariFan - Spanish atari user group
AtariFan is a crew of very active spanish atari users giving tips, translations and help to spanish atarians. Their translations are now availables on TransAction, thanks to Luis Manuel Asensio Royo.

TOSBOX - TOSBOX description
The TOSBOX pages includes descriptions how well TOSBOX works running TOS 2.06 in 800x600x16 screen mode and there's a compatibility list as well.

ST Applications OnLine - Printed Atari magazine
ST Applications is an A5 size B/W magazine, published by the FaST Club in the UK. I'll always have a soft spot for STA because this was the first magazine I wrote for back in 1989. The magazine has survived against the odds.

Stik Stuff Page - One stop site for Atari internet software
These pages contain the latest versions of CAB, STiK and the CAB.OVL file along with the definitive collection of Atari based Internet software, an essential site for all on-line Atarians!

hEARCoach is a program designed to help you improve your ability to recognise musical intervals and a few chords. The site also includes some useful info and links for GFA BASIC.

Video editing suite.

Other Atari links

We suspect link-rot has set in and some of these links will be out of date. We suggest visiting the links page on the featured Atari Computing web pages which includes hundreds of links.
Links to InterActive supported authors can be found on the individual author pages.

Jumping off points

Elysium Atari index
Atari Internet Guide (AIG)
Hallvard's URL/FTP launchpad Looking for specific files? If so use this site...
AtarI-Internet Aims to offer the most up to date Atari related online news.


Aixit Magnum, TOS2WIN
Anodyne Software
DB/CyberSTrider Denesh Bhabuta's supported software
Delta labs media
Electronic Cow Sound Chip Synth, MIDI Arpeggiator
Floppyshop Positive Image, Electronic Cow distributor
Gribnif Software Geneva, NeoDesk
HiSoft Systems Papyrus UK distributor
Homa Systems Scanner software
Kosmik Phish Productions Xav and KP-SACK gang
New Beat Development Games
Realms Development
System Solutions ASH UK distributor
Cortex Design Nemesis, APEX, DA's Layout (Europe)
Trisomic Development
Wieczorek Developments Network cards
Wizztronics Details of a new TOS clone machine!


Atari Times disk magazine Put together by Croft Soft
ATOS disk magazine [German] This is the best disk magazine!
ICTARI disk magazine

Atari software

Dirk Hagedorn UDO, MenuInfo, etc
Kevin Callahan Bombaman - game for Atari STe
Probe House software

Individual home pages

Peter Rottengatter's Homepage STiNG home pages
Mille Babic Stylish pages
Mario Becroft Software for download
Franšois Galea CDLab - Informations
Data Uncertain/Craig Graham
Goetz Hoffart Writes whacky documentation!
Anthony Jacques Does clever stuff with STOS
Mike Kerslake "The voice of peace" - yeah right!
Dave Murphy Black Scorpion Software member
Martin Osieka HYP2GDOS and more
Gary Priest COSTa/Popwatch
Julian F. Reschke Gemini/Mupfel
Michael Ruge Atari Computing/ATOS news
Manfred Ssykor Cache Ed/ftp tools for CAB
Jo Vandeweghe Fancy a wooden tower case?
Vezz's Home Page Includes collection of all known hardware mods
Simon Yardley Some geezer I shared a bedroom with!
Spotty Dog's Atari ST Home page
Jetman's ST Nostalgia Trip All about our beloved machines

Demo coders

Senior Dads' World HQ


Network ST (NEST)
A4 Club [Belgium]
Bearboard Atari ST BBS [Nederlands]
EACH Club [Canada]
MACE Club [Australia]


Back In Time Includes reviews
Magic Mac Info and software
Nostalgia Mac Atari ST emulator, PPC models only
PaCifiST PC Atari ST gaming emulator
PaCifiST official homepage
Emulators Online Gemulator homepages
WinSTon Windows Atari ST Emulator, early release
Atari ST emulator Acorn project

Single issue pages

Afterburner accelerator
Do it Falcon030
GEMMA project


Atari Gaming Headquarters Excellent graphical site
Running Home Page Doom Style Game
Jet Set Willy Download archive