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Didier BrielI was born near Lyon, France, where I still live.

I could be defined as a musician. I learned the piano at the age of 5. In the late seventies, I was the guitarist, singer, writer and composer of a rock band. After the dismissal of my band, I created Didier et les Ombres. First with a Roland drum machine synced with a TB303, later on with Notator on a STE, this virtual band plays for me in my home studio as well as on stage.

I could be defined as a writer. Apart from the words of my songs, I write short stories, and have a deep interest in French and English literature.

I could be defined as a computer enthusiast. My first computer was a TI57, soon followed by a ZX81. My first Atari was a 520 STF in 1988, my last one is a Mega STE with a NOVA card.

As the activities above do not provide a living, I became a professional programmer in 1989. I am now project manager, developing optimisation software for the industry.

In my spare time, I enjoy astronomy and mountain activities.

As a way of combining my interest for both Atari and the English language, I became also a translator. My first translation was Family Tree, which I still support, thanks to the kindness of Ian Baker. Being a translator in the last Forum des applications Atari in Paris, I met Joe Connor. As a result, I did the translation of Everest in French. That is the way I became part of the TransAction crew.

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