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TOSBOX is a software only Atari ST emulator for the PC platform running DOS or Windows. Like other software only emulators TOSBOX requires a TOS image which you can copy from your real Atari ST using the ROMIMAGE.TOS utility included in the distribution.

Unlike other emulators TOSBOX works from the system down rather than from the hardware up. Instead of trying to make a PC behave exactly like an ST, TOSBOX redirects and translates system code so it can run in the PC domain only resorting to hardware level emulation of an Atari ST when necessary. In practical terms this means TOSBOX is fast but not intended to run games and graphics demos - which sets it apart from PaCifiST.

Supported TOS versions include 1.00, 1.04, 2.05 and 2.06. According to user feedback, TOS 1.02, 1.06, 1.62 and an enhanced 2.06 called "SUPERTOS" also work. "KAOSTOS" does not.

Despite its early version number TOSBOX runs most cleanly programmed GEM applications and its ability to run Geneva sets it apart from other emulators and is bound to attract users.

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